Surf Coaching

Welcome to my Surfcoaching part of Secret Surf Travel

Surf Coaching is for everyone who would is on an advanced level of Surfing. This means YOU can do a take off on an Green wave and ride a bit along the wall.

My Name ist Thorsten Kegler and i guide and train people in surfing since 2000. After many years of working for Surf Schools i wrote my own concept and started to train advanced Surfers.

Traveling all over the world i always came since 1999 for a view month to Portugal.

Now i live in south of the Algarve and still love to train and guide people to find the best wave vor them.

Surf Coaching all levels

Join my Surf Coaching advanced Project and improve your Surfing Skills to another level.

You don’t have to be a professional surfer to take my courses. But what you should be able to do is ride the green, unbroken wave in parallel because my surf coaching for every level begins from here.

Course content :

  • Learn the first Steps from your Take off like a buttom to top turn
  • Learn how to do a cutback
  • Learn to read the wave and find Your position in the Line up
  • Learn many important theoretical topics for your surfing
  • Get Video Analytics from your Surf Sessions and learn my seeing you surf
  • Surf Photo Shootings
  • and many more …